The Farmhouse

The stay can also be an opportunity to participate in the farm activity or visit the old underground cellars, a true jewel of the Castle. At the enoteca, at the end of the journey in the underground cellar, it is possible to taste a noteworthy Chianti Classico or buy some precious bottles of Vinsanto DOC or of the traditional extra virgin olive oil, with a bright color and a fruity taste.
How to spend the rest of the holiday? Among one of the many possible itineraries: castles, cellars, art and craft shops and gastronomy in the hills of Florence and Siena. Or visiting the medieval cities such as Monteriggioni and San Gimignano or the characteristic villages in the heart of Chianti, such as Gaiole, Vertine, Barbischio, Volpaia, Radda and Castellina in Chianti.

Meleto Castle has three beautiful gardens: the Herbs Garden with aromatic herbs used in the kitchen, the Castle Garden to host parties and the Villa Casanova garden with the wonderful view of the Castle.

For guests staying at the Castle DI Meleto, open from May to October from 8.00 to 20.00, there are two beautiful infinity pools with free umbrellas and deck chairs. The first is located under the garden of the Castle and the second, with salt water, in front of the Casanova villa.


Cinta Senese is an Italian breed of pigs named so because of the white stripe the animal has on its slate black coat and for the original breeding area (Montagnola Senese with its immense forests of holm oaks, Turkey oaks and oaks provide a forest rich in acorns and chestnuts which is the base of this animal’s diet). 

The Consortium for the Preservation of the Cinta Senese breed, established in 2000, promoted this production to DOP. At the Castle we began breeding about forty pigs in the Molin Lungo area, in a forest of about 4 hectares where the animals can freely graze in the wild.

Their meat is used to manufacture fresh products and traditional Tuscan cured meats (prosciutto, spalla, gota, lardo, pancetta or rigatino, capocollo, salame, salsicce, finocchiona): the trademark “Cinta Senese DOP” may be used only for meat originating from animals of at least 12 months of age.