Olive Oil

Area of production: land surrounding the Castle Orchard.
Altitude: Between 360 m and 530 above the sea level
Ha of olive groves: 10 hectares.
N° of Plants: Approximately 1,600.

Varieties: Frantoio , Moraiolo , Leccino and Pendolino.
Average Production: 15/20 quintals of oil.
Yield per plant: 12 kg of olives
Average yield in oil: 12-15 %
Acidity: 0.17%

Pesticide Treatments: None
Fertilizer: Organic
Finishing: harrowing for the burial of fertilizer and weed management
Training System: jar polyconic

Harvest time: early November
Harvest: traditional hand-harvested
Type of pressing: the olives are pressed the same day they are collected. In making crusher crushing plant in modern continuous cycle.

Colour: Deep clear green
Aroma: typical of cultivars with an almond aftertaste
Taste: medium fruity, perfectly sour and spicy
Serving suggestions: excellent for bruschetta and a condiment on meat, fish , salads.