Cinta Senese

Our breeding
Cinta Senese is an Italian breed of pigs named so because of the white stripe the animal has on its slate black coat and for the original breeding area (Montagnola Senese with its immense forests of holm oaks, Turkey oaks and oaks provide a forest rich in acorns and chestnuts which is the base of this animal’s diet). The Consortium for the Preservation of the Cinta Senese breed, established in 2000, promoted the “Suino Cinto Toscano” to DOP.

At the Castle we began breeding about forty pigs in the Molin Lungo area, in a forest of about 4 hectares where the animals can freely graze in the wild.

Their meat is used to manufacture fresh products and traditional Tuscan cured meats (prosciutto, spalla, gota, lardo, pancetta or rigatino, capocollo, salame, salsicce, finocchiona): the trademark “Suino Cinto Toscano DOP” may be used only for meat originating from animals of at least 12 months of age.