• Hands in pastry: 1h30 ’learn how to create different types of fresh egg pasta together with the chef.
  • Cooking show: 1h Chef-led demonstration on how to make hand-made pasta.
  • Little chefs in the Castle: 1h Children have fun learning to make special cookies or pizzas!
  • Lunch: Enjoy your freshly made pasta from the hands-on class dresse with different sauces. Also served bruschetta, artisanal Cinta Senese cured meat and Castello di Meleto wine. Includes a visit to the Castle.


  • 2-40
  • 11:30
  • 3,5 hour
  • Old kitchen's Castle
  • 60,00 Hands in Pastry
  • 45,00 Cooking Show
  • 30,00 lunch
  • every day on reservation